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KLP is here to help

When your customer requires exceptional delivery - KLP should be the choice. With over 50 years of warehousing and logistical experience using the latest technology to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your shipments.




A little bit about us


Multiple Locations

KPM Logistics Partners is a North Jersey and Lackawanna NY fulfillment services company that helps organizations of all sizes distribute products to their customers.

Ample Space

Our modern 100,000 square foot office/warehouse in Landing NJ and our 65,000 square foot facility in Lackawanna NY are clean and well maintained.

Expert service

When your customers need fast and accurate delivery of your products consider KLP to be your logistics partner. We are experts at this sort of thing.

Extensiv - Our Warehouse Management System
Industry-leading software features

It is extremely important when you find a 3PL partner, to ensure they are utilizing a Warehouse Managment System that provides your business visibility and automation into the day to day order activity, inventory, and reporting. That's why KLP uses Extensiv.

With real-time, cloud-based visibility; your business has access to the same information our warehouse does with order input and tracking, inventory reporting, shipping history, and order flow, sync inventory, automate all shipping and tracking updates.

Recently featured on the EOFire Podcast


Our Chief Logistics Officer, Nick Fierle, was able to sit down and talk with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire to talk all things 3PL. The EOFire podcast has featured many high profile guests such as Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuck. We are very proud to be considered experts in our field. Please click on the icon to listen.



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